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The company of CONSULTAX, k.s. was founded in 2002. The foundation of the company was a logical step forward in the work of its founders, who had been active in the area of economic, accounting, and tax consultation services for years. The founders established the company of CONSULTAX, k. s. in order to set up a team of professionals specialising in providing accounting and payroll services as suppliers of services, as well as tax counselling services. The first step towards achieving the goal was registration of the company with the List of Tax Advisers under Act No. 78/92 Coll. on tax advisers and the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, as amended. The company of CONSULTAX, k.s. was registered with the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors on 1 January 2003 (reg. No.: 53/2003).

When providing our specialised counselling services, CONSULTAX, k.s. focuses on expertise, experience, and professionalism. All these attributes add to the high quality of provided counselling services. The advantage of the company are universal skills of its employees. If necessary, they are able to offer services in various areas of consultations.

The target group of our companies are not only Slovak enterprises, but also foreign companies. We support them in starting businesses in Slovakia, aiding them in the field of our national legislation. Thanks to that, we have been member of the German-Slovak Chamber of Industry and Commerce since 2005.

In 2022, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Over the years, we have become a stable counselling company on the Slovak market and have gathered vast experience and a stable team of employees, providing reliable and complex counselling services to our clients.

Peter Palcát, Partner


Expertise and Professionalism

Expertise and Professionalism High expertise and professionalism of our employees is a guarantee of top-level services provided to our clients. We support the knowledge of our employees systematically by continuous external and internal specialised training


Our top priority is maximum discretion when providing specialised services.

Cost Saving

In the course of our tax counselling services provided, we set and propose optimisation schemes, which are best for the clients and allow them to save money within the scope of valid legislation. We offer outsourcing of accounting and payroll services via our qualified and experienced accountants, saving money of small and middle enterprises. We also provide contractual guarantee of our services.


The guarantees of stability for our clients are our 20-year experience on the market of counselling services, membership in the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, as well as our membership in the German-Slovak Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Our team of experts provides professional approach, supported by constant systematic training by professional associations, like the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, Slovak Chamber of Certified Accountants, as well as individual trainers, focusing on specific areas of tax and bookkeeping law.

We provide specialised statements to our clients, aiding them in optimising their taxes, as well as deal with unclear situations in the tax legislation.
We represent our clients in tax proceedings from start till end (with a power of attorney). We communicate with the tax office, insurance companies in the name of our clients, and ensure all necessary registrations and representation at tax audits.


As far as tax counselling goes, we try to understand the needs of our clients and help them make heads and tails of the complex and often unclear Slovak legislation, which is subject to frequent amendments and updates. We represent the clients in tax proceedings and allow them to focus on strategic management of their companies and adopting crucial decisions necessary for smooth operation of their businesses. Our tax advisers have vast experience in the area and guarantee compliance with common tax duties, as well as designing complex tax optimisation plans – of course, in line with the valid tax related legislation.

In the area of tax counselling, we focus on:

  • representing clients in tax proceedings (assistance at tax audits, communication with the tax office etc);
  • online services – replying to any accounting or tax related questions via email, on the phone, or in person;
  • handling tax issues and counselling in the areas of income tax and corporate tax (issues resulting from applying Slovak laws, questions of international taxation – transfer pricing, permanent businesses and tax securing, tax advance payments, under-capitalisation, taxation of employees assigned outside Slovakia etc);
  • dealing with tax issues and counselling in the area of VAT and other taxes;
  • drawing-up or assistance at preparing the tax returns for corporate tax or income tax, VAT, or other taxes;
  • regular inspections in order to minimise risks of incorrect compliance with and application of respective tax regulations;
  • tax planning and optimising;
  • analysis of agreements on prevention of double taxation; and
  • financial, accounting and tax related due diligence.



When outsourcing accounting services, we try to adjust and set the scope of services provided according to the specific needs of our clients. One of the biggest competitive advantages we have is a close cooperation and methodical support of the partner auditing company of INTERAUDIT INTERNATIONAL s.r.o..

At each project, we work with the clients and optimise our cooperation, so that they receive outputs from our accounting system in an understandable form and in time, and make sure people on all levels of management know how to work with the output easily and are able to use it when optimising processes and achieving strategic goals of the company.

When setting the cooperation with our clients, we approach each of them individually and take into account the specific needs related to their business activities or the industrial sector and services provided.

Apart from complete accounting services, we provide counselling services in accounting to companies with own internal accounting department. We offer methodological support and inspection review of their bookkeeping in order to verify the correctness of applying accounting principles in line with the Slovak laws.

As part of the accounting services provided, we also offer consultation services, as well as complex financial analyses for financial institutions in case of credit trades, reporting packages for the need of international parent companies, and their group auditors, as well as drawing up consolidated financial statements.

Outsourcing of payroll services or external accounting services is one of the latest tools of optimising financial and economic processes of SMEs.
As part of complex accounting services, we prepare regular reporting packages according to the needs of the clients, offering their financial management up-to-date overview of the financial situation of the company. It is part of the services provided that we notify the clients on any adverse development of financial indicators should it occur.

We also provide contractual guarantee and are liable for damage caused by our work in terms of provision of accounting and tax counselling services. As we are member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, we are legally required to have insurance coverage for work related damage liability.


We are able to aid our clients in optimising complex labour relationships and make sure that the expectations of both parties are met. By doing so, we take into account the needs of the employer, as well as the employee.
We maintain all legally required records in payroll and HR services. With power of attorney, we represent our clients in front of all relevant authorities (tax office, social insurance company, health insurance companies, Labour Inspectorate etc ).


As part of the complex package of economic services provided, we also handle payroll and HR affairs. Taking into account the individual needs, adjusting the deadlines and forms of cooperation and expectations of the clients is also part of our services. Handling HR and payroll is always performed in line with the valid Slovak legislation, social and health insurance law, and tax law. In the environment of complex legal requirements and frequent changes in the tax area and insurance levy area in terms of labour relationship, we always try to eliminate the specialised burden of our clients and transfer this to us. Our 20-year experience is a guarantee of high-quality services.

Basic payroll and HR services:

  • registration and deregistration of employees with the social and health insurance companies;
  • regular monthly calculations on salaries based on the hours worked, as presented by the clients;
  • export of obligatory monthly statements to the respective electronic collection systems of the Social Insurance Company and the health insurance companies;
  • submitting reports and notifications on advance payments deducted, and communication with the tax office;
  • submitting reports to the authorised persons as requested by the client (agreed sets of data of payroll and individual sets);
  • establishing transfer orders or importing into HB or Internet Banking;
  • possibility to submitted password protected payslips electronically or in form of emails submitted electronically or in print to the clients;
  • drawing up certificates and confirmations at termination of work relationship;
  • calculation of annual tax settling of employees and preparing the respective paperwork;
  • according to the needs of the clients, direct communication with the employees – upon agreement;
  • in case of conclusion or termination of labour relationship, consultation and upon request, preparing the respective documents; and
  • HR counselling and consultation services – in case of more complicates work related situations.

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